The genius that is key to Extreme Lengths lies in their unwavering commitment to quality.

Extreme Lengths was established in 1997 by Karen Harper who was looking to find a bespoke hair extension service at that time and realised that very few existed or offered only limited experience - and so decided to set up a personal, professional and dedicated service herself.

"I've had my own extensions in for over 20 years and obviously take a personal interest in getting the best result and bond system. I insist they should look completely natural and feel really comfortable."

Karen has over 15 years experience in the hair extensions industry

Having tried and tested virtually every system on the market, our research has found that the smaller the bond, the better the end result.

In 2001, Karen was joined by Cheryl to concentrate on providing first class customer service. As Karen is still working hair extensionist this means there is always someone on the end of the phone to make sure you receive the high quality service you deserve.

We particularly seek out the best possible European hair.

"We only use the very best quality hair as less expensive imports are a false economy. Where the cuticle is stripped and the shaft over-processed, the hair will not blend with the client's natural texture."

We particularly seek out the best possible European hair (rather that Asian hair which doesn't always give satisfactory results) which means that Extreme Lengths now provides the highest quality hair on the market with the smallest bond possible hence the best results in the industry!